Today is Thursday 13th August 2020.

Welcome to St Andrew's Wallace Green and Lowick


Following the guidance of the Government and the Church and having put in place a range of mitigations, we are now open for worship in our building again each Sunday @11am. We encourage worshippers to wear a face covering. ALL WELCOME. 



            (We erected our Easter Cross as a reminder of the new beginnings that our faith promises)


August 2020

Dear Friends,

One of the misapprehensions that people have of the church, is that it is a community of people who are looking for an easy life in which the conundrums of existence are resolved. Perhaps this false view of things has sometimes been encouraged, by an overemphasis on the search for peace and harmony. Whatever the cause, this anaemic view of the Christian life has no basis in the scriptures. St Paul, for instance, saw the spiritual journey as one of constant struggle. He comments that, to be a Christian, is to strive daily to become more and more like Jesus Christ (Philippians 3.12). What this means, is that whatever contribution we make as Christians to the work and witness of the Church, we may be sure that God calls us to undertake some larger task and do better than before. Such a challenge calls for the humility that recognises how little we have achieved and how far we still have to go.

Climbing a steep hill is a slow and difficult business, but the sense of achievement on reaching the summit makes the effort worthwhile. The spiritual ascent is equally arduous and in this it is helpful to remember that Jesus, himself, saw his journey as a difficult road leading uphill all the way to the cross. If we are honestly trying to follow Jesus, we cannot expect our road to be easy or effortless. But we can be confident that the journey will be worthwhile.          

Keep well, Adam


The new Hymn Sing-a-Long for August, put together by Rena, can be accessed by clicking here.  



Worship for Sunday 9th August 

The new SAWG worship video can be accessed by clicking here. 

There is a service in church on 9th August @11am. All welcome. Wearing a face covering in church is now a legal requirement. 

The Kirk's online worship community, Sanctuary First, has a live service on 9th August@3pm. Click here. 

Churches have called, in response to the present crisis, for all to join in prayer every Sunday@7pm. Please click here for further details

The Presbytery of Edinburgh website lists a number of congregations who are providing online worship. Please click here for further details.



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The church was pleased to publish a few years ago, particularly for visitors to the town, a guide for a reflective tour around Berwick. This was authored by Bea Nicholson. Please find a link to the booklet HERE.