Today is Monday 13th July 2020.

Welcome to St Andrew's Wallace Green and Lowick


Following the guidance of the Government and having put in place a range of mitigations, we will reopen for worship in our building on Sunday 12th July@11am. We encourage worshippers to wear a face covering. ALL WELCOME. 




July 2020

Dear Friends,

Jesus was once asked what the greatest commandments were. He answered that they were two-fold: to love God and to love our neighbours as ourselves. In these words, Jesus sums up the desire of all who want to follow Christ. As the Church Reformer, Martin Luther, used to say, the Christian life is a journey from being in-turned to being outgoing in love. But this aspiration, so easy to describe, is difficult to put into practice.

Someone once said, that we are born thinking that the world exists solely for our benefit. Some, indeed, go through their entire life holding on to that childish misconception. This is why, it is so vital that we allow the example and words of Christ to inform how we live. It's a struggle, for it involves the attempt to look beyond ourselves, our friends and families and to view things from the perspective of Christ. But the journey is worthwhile, for, says Jesus, it is the best and most satisfying way to live.

Keep well, Adam


Worship for Sunday 12th July

The new SAWG worship video can be accessed by clicking here. 

The Kirk's online worship community, Sanctuary First, has a live service on 12th July@3pm. Click here. 

Churches have called, in response to the present crisis, for all to join in prayer every Sunday@7pm. Please click here for further details

Reflections from the (Glasgow) Quay, will be available on BBC iPLayer from Sunday afternoon. Please click here. 

The Presbytery of Edinburgh website lists a number of congregations who are providing online worship. Please click here for further details.



There is to be an Online Discussion Group on 7th & 14th July (7.30-8.30pm) to discuss the Church of Scotland booklet, "How Will Our Children Have Faith". All are welcome. If you are interested, please drop the Minister a note by clicking here


Click here for the Minister's new Blog, 'Seafarers'


Click here for Rena's monthly Sing-a-Long - for June.


Further information, as well as items previously posted on this page, can be found under notices. Please click here.


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The church was pleased to publish a few years ago, particularly for visitors to the town, a guide for a reflective tour around Berwick. This was authored by Bea Nicholson. Please find a link to the booklet HERE.