Today is Thursday 29th October 2020.

Welcome to St Andrew's Wallace Green and Lowick


Following the guidance of the Government and the Church and having put in place a range of mitigations, we are now open for worship in our building again each Sunday @11am. The wearing of a face covering is legally required. ALL WELCOME. 





“They will hammer their swords into ploughs and their spears into pruning hooks.”

(Micah 4.3)

In this season of remembrance, we look back and forward.

In the past, as the text above recognises, it has been our fate, as a human race, to endure untold wars and conflicts. The two great wars of the 20th Century loom large in our thoughts, but there have been many other conflagrations right up to today. How we look back on such conflicts will vary. Some seem to us now to have been essential, if deeply regrettable. Others seem simply a waste.

However, the season of remembrance is not a time for analysing the rights and wrongs of the past. It is instead an opportunity to remember the men and women who have endured and suffered and to pay tribute to all that was good and true and honourable in their service.

The season of remembrance is also a time to look forward. As the prophet Micah looked into the future, he was captivated by a vision of universal peace, in which human productive capacities would be dedicated to wellbeing rather than destruction. It’s a dream that will never become fully a reality in this life. But if we come to share this vision, it will make us uncomfortable with the world as it is, ‘pilgrims in an alien land’, and more likely to do what we can to make it different.        

Keep well, Adam


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