Today is Monday 21st June 2021.

Welcome to St Andrew's Wallace Green and Lowick

19th June 2021

It's an encouragement that the the situation with the pandemic, both locally and nationally has greatly improved. In the light of this improvement, we are now holding in-person worship once again. We gather at 11am each Sunday and all are welcome. As before, various mitigations are in place to keep us safe and those attending are asked to wear a mask. We will still be publishing online worship videos, which can be accessed below.






Dear Friends,

Recently we marked Trinity Sunday, when we thought of what it means to call God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Rather than being a dry and unnecessary belief, the perception of God as Trinity is at the very heart of our lived faith, not only on one Sunday of the year, but each and every day. For we worship God the Creator, the Father, we live in the way of Christ, the Son and we draw daily on God's help through the Spirit.  

Keep well, Adam       


Worship for the 20th June 2021

We gather in church tomorrow@11am, all welcome. The companion video to tomorrow's worship can be found by clicking here.


The service for the 20th June is also available as a phone recording by calling 01289686650. 


The Kirk's online worship community, Sanctuary First, has a live service every Sunday@3pm. Click here. 


The Presbytery of Edinburgh website lists a number of congregations who are providing online worship. Please click here for further details.

June Hymn Sing-a-Long

Click here for the new Hymn Sing-a-Long for June, which Rena has prepared. 


For a range of SAWG worship videos from the period of the pandemic, please click here.


Further information, as well as items previously posted on this page, can be found under notices. Please click here.


See also our Church on Facebook - thanks to Dale for running this. 



The church was pleased to publish a few years ago, particularly for visitors to the town, a guide for a reflective tour around Berwick. This was authored by Bea Nicholson. Please find a link to the booklet HERE.