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The Church of Scotland’s Safeguarding Service and what it means to us

The Church of Scotland has a zero tolerance approach to harm or abuse of people: any type or level is unacceptable. In practice, the following is a useful starting point for identifying harm or abuse: it is any conduct that you suspect or know is having, or could have, a significantly adverse effect on a person who is unable to protect themselves. Abuse includes physical, emotional, sexual and financial. It can also mean neglect. Anyone can cause harm. It can happen anywhere.

The Church of Scotland has had a Safeguarding Service since 1997. The Church of Scotland Safeguarding Service is part of a comprehensive safeguarding structure that includes over 3,000 trained safeguarding volunteers. 

The Safeguarding Service aims to ensure:

  • best practice in preventing harm or abuse to children and ‘adults at risk’ and
  • that the Church makes a timely and appropriate response when harm or abuse is witnessed, suspected or reported. This includes working with the police and social work services.

Each church has a Safeguarding Coordinator who manages the relevant clearance of any volunteer or paid person who may interact with a child (under 18) or an adult at risk (typically someone who has some type of care package in place).

The Coordinator will also be the first person you should contact if you suspect or witness harm or abuse or it is reported to you.

Until recently, this role has been ably undertaken by Andrew Dewar but in February 2015 he retired, and it is now being looked after by Dale Hall and Bea Nicholson. If you would like to know any more about the service, please contact Dale, Bea or the minister in the first instance.

Retiring Collections

At each communion service and occasional other times, there is a retiring collection for a named charity or organisation. We try to alternate nominations that either serve the local area or one which has a much wider reach. The only criterion is that it must subscribe to Christian values of service. The amounts can be found on the Retiring Collections page. 

We would very much like to know if there are any charities which you would like to nominate for future services. Please pass your nomination to your district elder, the minister or Session Clerk. 

Where the money goes

Every year we send a proportion of our weekly offerings to the Church of Scotland and I thought you might like to see a break-down of all our giving.

So, what happens when we place £10 in the offering plate in 2015?


is kept by us to cover various costs, heating, lighting, insurance, repairs etc.


goes to the Parish Ministries Fund. This ensures that the Church of Scotland has ministries in every part of Scotland and where there are gathered congregations elsewhere (like us)


supports the mission of the Church

7p        to Mission Discipleship

4p        to Church and Society

6p        to CrossReach (Social Care)

11p     to World Mission

40p     to Support Services (legal advice etc.)

5p        General Assembly and Moderator

7p        Special Contributions

Our contribution in 2015 will be £31,770, which falls short of the full cost of all the above (means we are being supported by other congregations) and, as you are probably already aware, our own costs are also rising so we find ourselves needing to use our own reserves to cover the day-to-day running of our church. As with every area of life it seems, we need to start thinking creatively about paying our way so that the future of our church is secured.

Presbytery Review

As reported in a recent Kirk News, every five years or so the Presbytery of Duns, our local church support network in this area, visits the congregation to encourage and support us in our ministry and mission. The review took place a the end of 2014 and we have now received the final version of the report which was presented to the Presbytery in April 2015. It has been stressed that the Kirk Session should see the review as contributing to our on-going planning for the future. (AH/BN).

If you would like a copy of the plan or review, please see the DOCUMENTS folder or email