November 2022

It’s an encouragement that the the situation with the pandemic, both locally and nationally has been improving. We are holding in-person worship each Sunday at 11am and all are welcome. Whilst there is no longer a legal stipulation to carry on with masks etc, we have decided for the time being to maintain various mitigations to safeguard the congregation and give us all peace of mind in meeting together. Therefore, those attending are asked to wear a mask. We will still be publishing online worship videos.

Dear Friends,

I’m reading the story just now of a man who set out from New York to travel ‘on the road’ to California. His first day was a bit of a disaster. His ‘hearthside dream’ of travelling on one road all the way, was soon frustrated by the complications of the American road system and the countryside through which he was travelling. Sometimes, our best laid plans come apart when they collide with reality.

Like the man in the story, we can sometimes have illusions about life. Life doesn’t unfold in a straight line in which all our dreams are fulfilled, but with unexpected twists and turns along the way. But, it is in the meandering course of our lives that we discover things about God and ourselves, that the straight road could never have taught us.

Keep well, Adam