More than one hundred and sixty years ago, on 19 June 1859, the first service was held in the newly built Wallace Green Church, and ever since that day not only has the building stood as a visible reminder to the population of Berwick-upon-Tweed that there is much more to life than the material, but people have gathered in it to worship God and be strengthened by Him, so that they might serve Him better both in the Church and the community.

As the history of the ensuing years makes clear, society has changed beyond recognition and the congregation itself has gone through many changes – the most recent ones being its becoming part of the Church of Scotland in 1971 and its union with St. Andrew’s and Lowick in 1987. However, whilst it is necessary to know our history and understand how we have reached the position that we are in at the present, rather than glory in that past, we need to use it as a challenge to action in the future. The basic spiritual need of men and women to have their sins forgiven has not changed and people need to hear the message of God’s love in Christ as much now as they did in 1859. The way in which we communicate that message will, and must, change but the message hasn’t, and mustn’t, and it is the Christian’s duty to pass it on, for as someone has said, “God doesn’t command sinners to go to church, but He does command the church to go to sinners.”

History of the church booklet created for our 150th anniversary year can be downloaded HERE