Today is Wednesday 1st April 2020.

Welcome to St Andrew's Wallace Green and Lowick


Covid 19: Following the Government's directions, advice from the Church of Scotland and in order to keep everyone safe, all of our church services and other face-to-face activities have had to be cancelled until further notice.


We are forming a Prayer Chain to share our  concerns, fears, hopes with others who will pray alongside us. All Welcome! Please click Prayer Chain to find out more.  

Please click A Moment for Thought for our very own SAWG video.


A Hymn for each day. 


Thousands of children are drawing rainbows and hanging them in their windows to 'brighten up people's day' during the coronavirus. Here are a few that Jo has sent me:

Churches have called for Christians to join in prayer on Sundays at 7pm. Please click #prayersofhope for further details.

The Church of Scotland are producing an online service every Sunday and the service for the 29th March can be found by clicking here.

The Moderator's sermon for the 29th March will be on the Kirk's Youtube channel from early on the 29th.

Over the next weeks, Adam will be sharing thoughts and updates. For the most recent click:  Ministers Blog

See also our Church on Facebook - thanks to Dale for maintaining this. 


“God, who made the world and everything in it … does not live in human temples”

(Acts 17.24)

From the Minister:

Dear Friends,

These are strange, difficult and frightening times we are living through. Most of us feel overwhelmed and unsure how we are going to cope with many weeks and months of staying at home. We’ll miss direct human contact, our ordinary, everyday activities and the chance to worship together in our beautiful building. It’s encouraging to remember, however, that God isn’t tied to one place and that wherever we are, we can ask God to help us cope and we can feel ourselves part of God’s loving family.

During this time, let’s continue our habits of worship – there are many ways we can do this. Through caring for one another, by staying in touch through telephone, by praying for each other, or by offering what practical help we can - please do get in touch with me if you need assistance with the delivery of shopping or in some other way (332787). Our worship can also include making use of the many resources that there are on the internet, which help us to feel close to God and to others. Over the next weeks and months, I will post links to useful sites and activities on our website. This is a journey of exploration for me, as it will be for many of you, so please let me know if there are any resources that you have found helpful, so that these can be passed on to others. (

This is going to be a rough time, but as the song Rena recently played says “Let there be love shared among us”.

Be safe, Adam


Click below to listen to Bea reading our family prayer:


The church was pleased to publish a few years ago, particularly for visitors to the town, a guide for a reflective tour around Berwick. This was authored by Bea Nicholson. Please find a link to the booklet HERE.