Today is Wednesday 27th May 2020.

Welcome to St Andrew's Wallace Green and Lowick


After many weeks in lockdown, the most recent advice from the UK government is that it will be some time yet before public worship and other face-to-face church activities will be possible. This doesn’t mean that our life together has come to a standstill, only that it is, at present, taking a different form. We are regularly producing online worship videos, please see below, and also hosting online gatherings as advertised here.


May 2020

From the Minister:

Dear Friends,

We are now almost two months into the ‘lockdown’ brought about by the coronavirus and there is, as yet, no definite end in sight. The most that the Prime Minister was able to offer recently, was a staged loosening of the restrictions that we are living under. If, in this strange time, we are living for the moment when life will get back to normal, then it seems we are destined for a lengthy period of frustration. Perhaps, then, we need to approach our present experience from a different perspective. Typically, we think of each part of our lives as a journey, the purpose of which is to reach a destination. But maybe, in our current circumstances, a more productive way is to see each day as an end in itself. Rather than worrying about the indeterminate future, we can instead focus on living as gratefully and productively as we can in the here and now. Jesus once said, “Don’t worry about tomorrow”. This is a hard saying, especially for those who fear a difficult and even painful future. However, when the days ahead are uncertain, as they are just now, the best thing we can do is to ask God to help us live one day at a time.

God bless,


Worship Sunday 24th May

Click here for the new SAWG worship video.

The Kirk's online worship community, Sanctuary First, has a live service on the 24th May@3pm. Click here

Churches have called, in response to the present crisis, for all to join in prayer every Sunday@7pm. See #prayersofhope for further details.

'Reflections from the (Glasgow) Quay', will be available on BBC iPlayer from Sunday afternoon, please click here

If you would like to view the inspirational Church Festival, Heart and Soul, which took place last Sunday, 17th May please click here.



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The church was pleased to publish a few years ago, particularly for visitors to the town, a guide for a reflective tour around Berwick. This was authored by Bea Nicholson. Please find a link to the booklet HERE.